“Sundowner”…play explores the relationships of memory and of family.

I attended the opening of “Sundowner” at Parramatta Riverside Theatre last night. Directed by Kate Denborough and starring Helen Morse, its the story of a writer in her late 50s who has young onset dementia. A strong and compelling performance with moments of raw emotion and of tender poignance, the play explores the relationships of memory and of family. What […]

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Beyond motor symptoms in MND

Motor neurone disease (MND), as discussed in previous posts, is not a disease of pure motor symptoms. MND can also affect one’s ability to perform complex judgments (e.g. financial decision-making) and leads to changes in behaviour (e.g. a person once very active and driven can become apathetic). These non-motor symptoms and behavioural changes often go unrecognised and underdiagnosed. In a […]

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Bringing words back

You know the word…it’s right there…on the tip of your tongue…and…it’s gone again. Argh! Struggling to think of a certain word is something everyone encounters. For a specific group of dementia patients, however, this is a daily battle and often involves words for common household objects previously well remembered (e.g kettle). Semantic dementia is a disease that attacks language in […]

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