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Dementia prevalence in Indigenous Australians

Prof Tony Broe and Dr Kylie Radford talk about their research into dementia prevalence in Australia’s indigenous population. One of our recent studies has shown that dementia prevalence in Indigenous Australians, aged over 60, is three times higher than the overall Australian population. What is it that helps one person age successfully and cause another to develop age-related diseases like […]

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A leader in geriatric medicine

Professor Tony Broe is a geriatrician and neurologist who has made lasting and meaningful contributions to medical research. The Australasian Journal on Ageing recently published a reflection from Prof Broe, in which he describes with flair his experience as an ‘elder statesman’ in the field. Here are some excerpts from his recollection of early studenthood in 1954 to his current position at NeuRA, […]

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