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Prevalence of Dementia in Indigenous Communities

by Dr Kylie Radford and Prof Tony Broe AM Research lead by Prof Tony Broe
 and Dr Kylie Radford has highlighted the high prevalence of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease,
 in Aboriginal communities. We are now working towards understanding the causes of cognitive decline and dementia, building capacity in dementia care and supporting Aboriginal family carers, and developing culturally appropriate strategies to promote […]

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Dementia prevalence in Indigenous Australians

Prof Tony Broe and Dr Kylie Radford talk about their research into dementia prevalence in Australia’s indigenous population. One of our recent studies has shown that dementia prevalence in Indigenous Australians, aged over 60, is three times higher than the overall Australian population. What is it that helps one person age successfully and cause another to develop age-related diseases like […]

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