A leader in geriatric medicine

Professor Tony Broe

Professor Tony Broe

Professor Tony Broe is a geriatrician and neurologist who has made lasting and meaningful contributions to medical research.

The Australasian Journal on Ageing recently published a reflection from Prof Broe, in which he describes with flair his experience as an ‘elder statesman’ in the field.

Here are some excerpts from his recollection of early studenthood in 1954 to his current position at NeuRA, where he is running a research program in Aboriginal Health and Ageing, as well as ‘enjoying life and preparing not to retire’:

“While it is not for the faint-hearted, ..[geriatrics] is a deeply satisfying specialty.. [You] have to enjoy working with older people and see them as the salt of the earth.”

“What am I most proud of? The geriatric trainees and PhD students I have supervised.”

(Upon being asked to give advice to young geriatricians) “Work hard to change the health system towards job creation in community care – where the old people are and where they want to stay.”

Read the full story here (Davison G et al., Australas J Ageing 2013; 32 Suppl 2:46-8).


And to find out more about research into dementia in the Australian indigenous community, listen to Prof Broe in conversation on SoundCloud:

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