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Bringing New Expertise in Neuroinflammation to Conquer Schizophrenia

Originally published in the NeuRA Magazine Issue 25    The Schizophrenia Group under the guidance of NSW Chair of Schizophrenia Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert, are looking at two new areas of research: brain inflammation and models of the disease. There is strong evidence linking brain inflammation with schizophrenia, along with other mental health conditions. Growing the team will be vital […]

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Blood brain barrier and psychosis

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert and her team of researchers are asking a question about schizophrenia that has not been answered before – Is the blood brain barrier compromised in psychosis? Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are diseases that affect an estimated 680,000 people in Australia and cost the economy $4.7 billion a year, yet their pathogenic mechanisms are little understood. One […]

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