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The caregiver burden

It is well known that dementia causes distress, however, little research has been done to understand caregiver stress and how it differs within the dementias. Prof John Hodges and his team are investigating caregiver distress among people caring for those with dementia and combining it with information from patients, to better understand which aspects of the condition are creating more […]

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How often do you stop and think about it?

To think of thinking seems like a peculiar task. For most of us, thinking occurs constantly despite rarely giving it a thought. However, as Jess Hazelton discusses below, when we take a few moments and evaluate what our brain is capable of, it is truly astounding! Acting as a control centre for our entire body, we can understand our brain […]

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Memories are made of this

Dr Muireann Irish’s research explores episodic and autobiographical memory in frontotemporal dementia. She has developed a new line of research investigating how damage to the memory system in neurodegenerative conditions affects the ability to imagine possible future events. Much in the same way as the quality of a photograph begins to fade with time, such is the fate of the […]

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