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Things happen for a reason – how reaching for opportunities led me to my PhD at NeuRA

Trinidad Valenzuela has come to NeuRA from Chile to complete her PhD by exploring ways to improve falls prevention exercise programs for older people. This is her story… I believe everyone is surrounded by opportunities. I like to think of it as one of those Christmas snow globes. Imagine you are inside, and all the tiny snowflakes moving around you […]

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Everything our body does requires muscles, a brain and nerves

NeuRA’s Motor Impairment Group investigates this system and why it fails. The Motor Impairment Program is a five-year (2014-2018), NHMRC-funded grant, the goal of which is to better understand the pathophysiology of motor impairment, to implement interventions and to drive enhanced clinical practice. Following are highlights of the 2015 year. NeuRA’s Motor Impairment Research Program conducted a randomised controlled trial […]

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