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NeuRA leads research effort on Alzheimer’s disease in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

NeuRA is coordinating the Sydney site for the DIAN (Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network). This study sets out to look for biological changes that occur in people before they develop the Alzheimer’s symptoms such as memory loss.  Over the last two years, NeuRA has been working on a clinical trial program aimed at preventing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s by removing amyloid […]

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Clinical trials at the Balance and Vision lab

The Balance and Vision lab at NeuRA is leading the way forward in clinical research that aims to help people with dizziness disorders. The team is led by Associate Prof Americo Migliaccio, and comprises senior researchers, PhD students, biomedical engineers, and clinicians. The most exciting project currently underway is the clinical trial of a novel vestibular rehabilitation device aimed at […]

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