It’s time to blog

Blogs have become very popular mechanisms for the quick dissemination of information. A blog is a way for researchers to connect with the wider community – a community not reached by publishing in journals. The web has made informal communication a key resource.

Major research institutes, journal houses, universities and academics are already blogging. Via the NeuRA blog our team will discuss papers, describe data, share images and videos and keep you informed about the latest NeuRA news, research and events.

The NeuRA blog is a way for NeuRA to generate content that can be read by the public, students, academics, clinicians and consumer groups and then shared via social media and email.

Prof Peter Schofield

Prof Peter Schofield

The NeuRA blog will be integrated into our communication portfolio and support NeuRA website content, the NeuRA Magazine, our media releases, Profile Magazine, NeuRA multimedia, our Twitter, Facebook and Youtube feeds, and the work of the NeuRA Foundation.

Watch this space.

Prof Peter Schofield is Executive Director and CEO of NeuRA and an expert in the genetics of bipolar disorder.


  • Information about cerebral ataxia together with bilateral vestibulopathy and peripheral neuropathy please. How instrumental is the atrophy within the cerebellum to the vision distortions and walking difficulties?

  • Awesome! Love the fact you guys now have a blog. Really looking forward to the blog posts.

  • Sally Tudor

    Great to see a blog and love the design of it… ! super easy to use and read. look forward to reading more about the research being done and new things.

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