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Ladder fall risk in seniors and safety tips

A Q&A interview with Research Assistant Erika Pliner from NeuRA’s Falls, Balance and Injury Lab. Over 4,000 ladder falls per year result in serious injuries. Currently, NeuRA is conducting a research project looking at aspects of ladder fall risk for seniors performing household tasks on ladders. Knowledge gained from this study can be used in interventions to reduce ladder fall injuries […]

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NeuRA attends the World Congress of Biomechanics 2018

By Arkiev D’Souza The World Congress of Biomechanics is the largest global forum for research on the mechanics of biological systems and is the leading international event in the field of biomechanics. The conference covered everything from the cell & molecular level to tissue, organs and the whole body. The 2018 conference included over 4000 delegates from all corners of the […]

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Run over the Harbour Bridge and raise vital funds for neuroscience research

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival – Everything you need to know!   About the Festival The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is a legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It started in 2001 when the NSW Government approved the continuation of a marathon in Sydney to promote fitness and health for the NSW community and to position Sydney as an international tourist […]

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Six tips to help build wellbeing and resilience to stress

New research led by Dr Justine Gatt, Senior Research Scientist at NeuRA, supports the understanding that emotional resilience plays an important part in everyday mental health and wellbeing from an early age. Dr Gatt wants everyone to know that they have the potential to increase wellbeing and resilience to stress by retraining their brain. “Building resilience is critical in today’s […]

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Weakened code risks Australia’s reputation for research integrity

Written by David Vaux, Peter Brooks and Simon Gandevia. Originally published on The Conversation.  In 2018, Australia still does not have appropriate measures in place to maintain research integrity. And recent changes to our code of research conduct have weakened our already inadequate position. In contrast, China’s recent move to crack down on academic misconduct moves it into line with more than twenty European countries, […]

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Pain free and drug free

Associate Professor James McAuley, says the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration’s rescheduling of over the counter opioids is a positive step in curbing opioid addiction, but it is now more important than ever for clinicians and patients to be aware of opioid-free treatment options for chronic pain. “Drugs are a great solution to pain for the first one to two […]

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