Things you should know about sleep!

Prof Danny Eckert

Things you should know about sleep: 


  1. 40% of Australians are not getting enough sleep.
    2. Young Australian women with poor sleep, but no depression, are 5 times more likely to have depression 9 years later than their peers who sleep well.
    3. Children with poor sleep habits are 6 times as likely to be hyperactive than children with good sleep habits.
    4. Just seventeen hours of no sleep makes work performance similar to 0.05 blood alcohol level.
    5. About 12% of Australian men have undiagnosed moderate-to-severe sleep apnea.
    6. After menopause women have similar rates of sleep apnea to men.
    7. An Australian community study found a four times higher rate of death for people with moderate-to-severe sleep apnea (compared to no or mild sleep apnea) over 20 years.
    8. Inadequate sleep increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.
    9.  Men who get 5 hours sleep a night for a week have significantly lower levels of testosterone than those who get a good night’s rest. Their levels are more akin to someone 10 years older.
    10.  Growth hormones are released almost entirely during deep sleep

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