Sydney Brain Bank World Class Facility

By: Dr Claire Shepherd

The Sydney Brain Bank at NeuRA aims to facilitate world class research and break throughs in ageing and neurodegenerative disorders. Globally it supplies tissue to 30-40 research projects a year, with many of these projects a collaborative effort between external research institutions.

Lead by Dr Claire Shepherd, recently appointed to the position of Director of the Sydney Brain Bank, the team has developed a new method that will allow them to inform the characterisation of one of the pathologies in Alzheimer disease. This will benefit research by providing a more cost effective and less labour intensive method without compromising on the quality and sensitivity of the diagnosis.

“At the Sydney Brain Bank, we collect, characterise and store the brain tissue from individuals who have died from ageing or neurodegenerative disorders so that we can facilitate medical research,” said Dr Shepherd.

The Sydney Brain Bank has been involved in setting the gold standard criteria for diagnosing some of these disorders alongside other global research facilities.

During 2017, Dr Claire Shepherd will travel to the UK to visit several British Brain Banks to work with their researchers in understanding their processes and to share ideas and techniques.

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  • Christine Hopper

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a sixty five year old woman who developed Restless Legs Syndrome six months ago which has progressed/intensified and now affects my entire body. Of a night I experience the constant need to move my legs which persists until I finally fall asleep and then on waking a tingling sensation starts in the soles of my feet, my legs, my genital area, my arms and upper body. I also experience little “electric shocks” at night and throughout the day that are similar to the feeling when “someone has walked over my grave”.
    Can you advise whether any research is being done into this condition in Australia and in particularly Victoria. My GP and Neurologist seem to be at a loss.

    Yours faithfully


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