NeuRA’s inkblot test

What do you see when you look at the new NeuRA building? With so many interesting angles, a smattering of colour and continuous curves, from some perspectives the NeuRA building can appear a Rorsarch test – the psychological test that asks for your interpretation of inkblots.

In his blog, exuberant maths teacher Mr Zuber from Randwick Girls’ High School, said that the NeuRA building could be used to explain concepts of integration and that the building “…screams at me ‘Area under the curve!’ every time I walk past it.”

Do you see maths concepts, or anything else unusual when you look at the building?

NeuRA Urban design awards

What do you see in this image of the NeuRA building?

It’s a memorable structure on a historically interesting site, and to many it’s no surprise that the building and COX Architecture have been nominated for the People’s Choice Award in Randwick City’s Urban Design Awards.

The NeuRA building, which will be opening soon, has been nominated for the award in the category of Public Buildings, as we are a medical research facility – you can read more about what we research on our website.

The voting in the Urban Design Awards is only open until 3 May 2013 – so please vote for NeuRA now!

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