Bringing hip-hop and science together

I entered 2Day FM’s competition to have Justice Crew attend my workplace and teach a dance to their Australian number 1 song ‘Boom Boom’. I did this with the hope of bringing some fun to the hard-working, dedicated staff at NeuRA. I did not expect to win, but I did, and the phone call from 2Day FM left me astonished and surprised!Justice Crew visited NeuRA on Tuesday 28 August (watch a music video of the visit here) and introduced themselves in the most graceful and delightful manner. They were sweet, friendly, fun and had a vibrant energy.

They first busted into a seminar and got NeuRA staff dancing and Boom Booming straight away. They then made their way through some of the labs here  – bursting in on ‘tests’ and ‘experiments’, running upstairs, dancing on lab tables and getting everyone involved in their action packed dance moves!

Some of the dance moves they taught us included wiggling, warping, Michael Jackson kicks, and Beyonce squats. While teaching us, Justice Crew were both patient and respectful of the environment they were in.  Eventually they ended up in our new multimillion dollar building still under construction, where they donned hard hats and safety gear and performed in what will be NeuRA’s new foyer.

They posed for many photographs, signed endless items and graced our research centre with much anticipated style and hip hop. The buzz was so infectious it left everyone in an elated, vibrant mood! Which is exactly why I entered the competition.

This day will stay etched in our memories, especially mine!

Connie Severino is the Clinical Studies Coordinator at NeuRA.

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    Hey, I searched for this blog on Bing and just wanted to say thanks for the excellent read. I would have to agree with it, thank you again!

    • thanks for the comments.

    • They say dance is an art which is generally related to the movement of the body, the form of expression or social interaction. Who fits this category more that the talented and creative dance group, Justice Crew. What an awesome experience it must have been. The boys bringing their upbeat dance movements and friendly nature to an hard working team. It seems the staff at the research centre have now adapted a good sense of rhythm. Well done Connie, for bringing the fun and joy into the workplace.

  • Maria Tyrogalas

    Wow, what a wonderful experience for all involved, would have loved to have been there and taken part myself and also meet the Crew. Your a very lucky girl Connie and to all staff keep up the great work.

    • Dear Maria,

      Many thanks for your comment. It was an enjoyable day! I was indeed very lucky and most grateful for the experience. We at Neuroscience will endeavour to keep up the good work in our Research.

  • Lina Winata

    What a brilliant opportunity Neuroscience was able to experience. Everyone loves a good distraction from time to time but having Justice Crew visit the work place and teach you the BOOM BOOM – what an exhilarating experience for all. I too hope to win a competition like this…that’s great advertisement for both; Justice Crew and Neuroscience. Keep up the great research.

    • Dear Lina,

      Boom Boom by Justice Crew was an enjoyed by all who took part in the days event. Not only were Justice Crew great with their song and dance moves, they were lovely gentleman. I wish you the best in winning competitions also in the future. We at Neuroscience will keep up the good work.

  • Stella Sioris

    What an amazing experience for you all. I also would have loved to be there and join in on all the fun! Everyone needs a break from their day to day routine and this definately would have spiced up the workplace. Well done!

    • Stella,

      It truly was a lovely experience. Thank you for your comments. Our day at Neuroscience, was indeed enjoyed and very much welcomed the break to the busy days.

  • Bee2 Australian Honey Straws

    WOW!!!!!!!!! How much fun would that have been !!!BOOM BOOM Neuroscience.
    How do I get them to my place.
    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How great it would be to see Justice Crew at Neuroscience!
    It was a great experience to be here and cant wait to be back.

  • BOOM, BOOM — What an exciting experience that science meets pop culture. This is one of the perfect examples that NeuRA being a science institute characterised by an open-minded atmosphere. Good on you, Connie for bring fun to workplace!

    • Hi Jac,
      BOOM BOOM indeed! Wish you were here on campus to have enjoyed the vibrant fun-filled day! I know you would have been right into the dance and laughter experienced that day! Hope you to see you back at Neura soon!!!
      Thanks, it sure was a great example of science meets pop culture.

  • Natalie Di Benedetto

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! i’m so jealous. I wish i worked at neuRa so i could be a part of it and learn to dance like justice crew. Connie congratulations on your win it was an amazing prize and the staff at neura are so priviledged to experience this opportunity in their work environment.

    • Thank you Nat. The song is great as with the boys from Justice Crew. I wish you were able to have joined us on the day. It was both fun and great for us all. It was an experience to treasure. Thank you for your kind words.

  • What a great opportunity for a workplace, especially one that does such inspiring & meaningful work!! Also great to see that entering a competition CAN sometimes result in a win!! Who would have thought these 2 groups coming together would result in something so great – nice work!

  • Congratulations! you’re a very lucky girl, I wish I won! The video looked unreal, please teach me the dance moves haha

  • FABULOUS, you are sooooo Lucky! and your co-workers are too… It’s great to see a workplace enviroment so flexible… Happy Workplace… Happy Team… I’m soooo jealous…. BOOM BOOM…

    • Cathy,

      Thank you for the comments. Yes, we are very lucky at Neuroscience. We are a great group and we are also a great workplace.
      Glad you are familiar with the song also.


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