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Understanding the challenging behaviours of dementia

NeuRA’s Dr Moyra Mortby presented at Uniting War Memorial Hospital’s free seminar on Healthy Brains this week. Dr Mortby shared her research into the neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia. These are the challenging behaviours associated with dementia such as delusions, sleep disturbances, anxiety and agitation. “Neuropsychiatric symptoms are a diverse group of non-cognitive symptoms of dementia that are characterised by disturbed […]

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Looking to art for mental wellness

The relationship between art and mental health is well documented. As a means of expression, art can contribute to building awareness and literacy of mental health, and can help others understand the lived experience of mental illness. For the artist, it can play an important role in the recovery journey, promoting wellbeing and reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. […]

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The bionic revolution: exploring how the brain decodes touch

The bionic revolution is transforming people’s lives through artificial body parts or prosthetics, such as a limb or implant. One of the biggest challenges in bionics is replicating the sense of touch. Neuroscientists at NeuRA and UNSW Sydney were featured on ABC TV’s Catalyst program as part of an episode exploring this work. Dr Ingvars Birznieks and Dr Richard Vickery […]

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