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The people behind DIAN

This month we have sent out an appeal letter in which Chontell Johnson tells her story. Chontell’s mother had the genetic form of Alzheimer’s disease and Chontell made the decision to have predictive testing some years ago. She found out that she carries the form of the gene responsible for causing Alzheimer’s disease in her family. Other family members have developed symptoms between the mid-30s and the mid-50s, so this was a blow, to say the least. However, Chontell has set an example to us all in grasping the future with both hands and making every day count. She is a participant in the DIAN study (Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network) and her ever-cheerful involvement provides a great motivation to us all to get on with our research, which we hope will include trials of preventive drugs beginning next year. Read more